Dead Island Trailer vs gameplay

Recently, while browsing the steam store, I stumbled upon an upcoming zombie horror game called “Dead Island.”

I didn’t know what was about at first, as the image provided in the thumbnailed version of the game on steam didn’t really provide any information as to th content of the game, but i clicked on it anyway.

Best. Decision. Evar.

When I say that the trailer for this game is the best game trailer I’ve ever seen, I mean it.

It’s gotten flack, sure, from game reviewers stating that the trailer was more of a short film meant to strike up an emotional attachment to the game and no t so much a traditional trailer in which gameplay and plot are revealed.

I agree with these sentiments but I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. Deviating from the norm is a bold move and one which i think pays off. Buzz for the game increases because the trailer was both riveting and visually appealing.

It includes all the things we have come to expect from zombie horror games including gore, violence and a shit ton of zombies. None of the characters from the trailer are playable, obviously, for reasons I wont state as to not spoil the ending for those who haven’t seen the trailer, but I think the trailer told a imperative of survival for the survivors and that is a perfect way to start off a game like this.


The downfall of course of having a trailer like this is that the jury is still out on the actual game itself. NO videos of real gameplay have yet to hit youtube or any the site and therefore its hard to tell whether this will be a good game.

I do know that the buzz for this game is created and sometimes that’s more importune than the content of the actual game *coughdukenukemcough*

Check out the trailer on the game’s website and lend me your thoughts.

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