F.E.A.R 3 multiplayer preview


So this weekend kicks off the PAX east 2011 conference, if you aren’t lucky enough to have gotten tickets like a good friend of mine did (lucky bitch) then you’re stuck reading updates on the events and marvelous treasures the conference reveals on blogs like this.

First bit of news out of the conference is a preview of F.E.AR. 3 and it’s multiplayer. I myself havent played any of the F.E.A.R games because a creepy girl disappearing and appearing, a-la Samara from the ring, is not …it just doesn’t work for me okay?

The multiplayer will have different mods of gameplay one of which involves running. Lot’s of running.

It’s like in the original Mario games, where the screen keeps moving and if you fall behind you somehow die and have to start over. Except the screen is a shit ton of debris and smoke and other bad things that fall from the sky and the path in front of you isn’t filled with magical bricks that give you gold, just enemies that progressively get harder to fight. Also, they have guns. Also, if one team-mate dies, game over.

I’m not a big fan of that mode, but like i said i don’t play F.E.AR. games and there are other modes of the game to play if that doesn’t catch your fancy. I don’t know though, there’s nothing wrong with speed runs it’s just… I could see that getting frustrating really fast. Especially if you have shitty players on your team.

Check out G4’s write-up on this for more into and more screenshots.

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