Battlefield 3, too real?

Battlefield 3 is slated to be released later on this year and every gamer is up in arms about how GORGEOUS this game is. A popular title in the line of realistic war games, Battlefield 3 operates on an updated version of their Frostbite engine. Frostbite 2, promises more advanced graphics and destruction dynamics. Another interesting addition is that bullets are now subject to the laws of gravity and wind will now affect its  direction of travel.

This game is surely marked to be one of the better games of the year both in gameplay and graphics.

That being said, are war games becoming too realistic?

This is a conversation I had with a few people on a game forum but in relation to Homefront and a scene involving a child. Does realism in war games benefit the player by exposing them to the realities of war? Or does it desensitize us even more to violence?

Heavy topic I know.

Check out the Battlefield 3 trailer after the jump and let me know how you feel.

I personally feel as though realism in war games is a positive thing both for the gameplay experience but also for war games in general. Games with violence tend to steer away from the realism that is associated with war games because it’s quite unpleasant to think about the true acts of violence that are being committed on a daily basis. Introducing these acts of violence into a game not only gives the player a REASON to fight (outside of just wanting to play the game) but it also exposes us to the realities of war. Ones which we don’t hear about on the news and when we do it’s in passing. It’s one thing to hear about a young boy who lost his parents in a revolution, it’s another thing to see the boy watch his parents get gunned down and know that you as a player can exact some revenge for that boy by helping to overthrow the powers that did that. Realistic depictions of war can both drive a story forward, increase the investment a player has in the character as well as provide a lasting image of war that really allow the player to think about the underlying causes of the story and what is actually going on.

Realism in games can benefit a player’s experience, but is there a point when games are too realistic? Is there a a point where realism crosses the line into pure brutality for the sake of shock or to one up the last game that came out?

Your thoughts?

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