Gee, thanks Gamestop

So… I went to gamestop today to purchase the first strike map pack for Black Ops. I learned a few things today.

FACT 1: Gametop is having a sale where if you buy two games you get one for free. Of course there’s the general catch of the free game having to be the cheapest of the three games, but eh…it’s free right?

FACT 2: Apparently I look old enough to have children. Which technically, considering I have gone through puberty and graduated college, is true…but nonetheless…

FACT 3: Not only do i look old enough to have kids, I look old enough to have kids who any normal parent would think “Hey You’re Old enough to play Black Ops.”


This is how it went down. I went up to the counter with my map add on cardboard holder thing, and he was like.

“Is that all?”

I said yes. Now, maybe I forgot to mention that he was pretty cute…so i’ll say that now. He was pretty cute.

So then he goes…

“Do you have a rewards card with us?” to which I reply yes I do. So he looks up my number. Isn’t there. Hmm. Odd. I know i purchased one back when i bought my headset. So he asks to check by my last name. I give him my last name and he goes..

“Ah! Here it is. It was under a different number for some reason.”

to which I say…weird.

Afterwhich he responds with this:

“And you’re sure that’s not one of your kids’ numbers or anything?”


No. -,-‘.

I didn’t want to be rude and be like… YOUUUUUUUU EAT A DICK! I DONT HAVE CHILDREN! I’M NOT OLD ENOUGH!

So like a little bitch, the little passive aggressive bitch that I am… I just say no and keep it pushing. That’s the tip of the iceberg right? Right.


So then he rings up everything, gives me my add-on pack code and then proceeds to instruct me on how to redeem it.

He goes , “And right here is the code that he will enter into his xbox to get his pack.”

So, I could do one of two things. I could take my shoe off and beat this, cute and relatively nice, man down to a pulp and say “I DONT HAVE KIDS BUT I’MMA BEAT YOU LIKE YOU’RE MINE!” or…

I could smile, nod, take my shit and fume in silence. Guess which one I did. Considering I’m not currently in jail it might be easy to realize.

So, here’s what gets me angry (other than the fact that you think i have kids because im purchasing a video game,  and am overweight which somehow means i must have birthed a set of twins sometime in the last 5 years). What get’s me upset is that as a gamestop employee he didn’t stop to think that maybe i was buying it for myself.

Everyone else who has children has brought them with them to pick out the games they want. I am by myself…surrounded by a sea of kids and maybe that through him off. I don’t know. Maybe he was still in “mommy” mode from the lady in front of me who was buying Modern Warefare 2 for her Seven year old. YES. Seven year old, that’s another rant but…

I don’t know. I don’t feel like at 24 years old I have the face that wreaks “I have a 15-year-old son and he annoys the shit out of me, I’ve come to purchase this thingamabob he wanted so he will leave me alone long enough to get back to eating my feelings.”

But apparently I do. So… I’m going to go eat my feelings now. It’s a vicious cycle.

One response to “Gee, thanks Gamestop

  1. Bah, fkn gamestop. They are just there to sell preorders and magazine subscriptions. The guy behind the counter definitely doesnt consider the feelings or situation of other people. Good write up too.

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