Homefront. Thoughts so far

So, I recently got Homefront for Xbox and so far I have to say…it’s a pretty decent game. It’s basically about a few rebel cells fighting for America during a Korean takeover. I got the game for various reasons, one I heard the gameplay was really good, secondly I heard the storyline and imagery was amazing, and third I wanted to see how the multiplayer game fared. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

The gameplay, on normal, is FUCKING INSANE. Seriously. One part, where i had to blow up a helicopter using goliath, I had to restart EIGHT times (I didn’t count I’m just ball parking it right now) because I kept dying. I would literally start the mission over and within seconds of spawning, die and have to restart. Fucking hard.

As far as the imagery goes I’m a little bit disappointed. Perhaps I’m spoiled by the realism of the Call of Duty series, but for some reason … this game doesn’t hit as hard as it should. The imagery is there, the potential for an emotional reaction is there, but it doesn’t hit that hard. The only thing that it does and EXCELLENT job at portraying is the complete necessity of the main characters action and I gotta say, I am completely on the side of fucking shit up in the name of America for this game.

All that is left to get a complete feel of the game (other than actually finish the game) is to get my hands on the multiplayer version. Gonna get to that later this week when I have time.  For now here’s a gameplay video of Homefront Multiplayer:

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