Homefront multiplayer quirks

So, I finally got around to playing Homefront’s multiplayer mode on XboX live. Now, There are a few things that my local gamestop employee forgot to mention to me when he sold me this game (regardless of how cute he was, certain things must not be allowed to slide).

First and foremost is the fact that had I purchased a pre-owned copy of the game, which I had because it was cheaper coupled with my rewards card thing, then my online gameplay would be limited to 5 promotion levels after which I would have to purchase and online pass in order to have free reign of the game.

Now…I get why the developers did this. They don’t benefit from the purchase of used games and game retail stores like gamestop and EBgames get a lot of their sales from used games (of which they charge ridiculously for), so them getting a guaranteed amount of money from the sale of their games no matter what is fine by me. They deserve to get paid.

However, *looks at gamestop* …SOME people need to let it be known.

I find it interesting that a store that is supposed to have its retail employees up to date and actually interested in what they are selling (which it seems to me they aren’t) doesn’t really show the effort of informing their customers about something before they buy it. I guess it works for them though…buy a pre-owned game for a piece of shit price…find out you can’t play half its features cause it’s pre-owned, trade it back for a ridiculously low price…where then gamestop sells it for damn near the price of a new game. repeat.

I guess I could have avoided this by buying a new game and had I known this was a feature in homefront i totally would have. It all works out I guess. I saved ten dollars but now i have to pay ten dollars to play so…who really benefits from this? gamestop.

On another note, Homefront multiplayer is really friggin easy. The controls are a lot smoother than a game like say…Black ops, noticeably, but its pretty easy. My first round I killed 22 people. Sure I died 22 times but hey…maybe they just suck. Anyway, still not sure whether Homefront multiplayer is worth the ten bucks, but I definitely have learned my lesson about buying used games from gamestop. Do the research. If they have a way of getting online that requires a new copy…just go ahead and get a new copy. Preferably not from gamestop since…i’m kinda p.o.’d at them right now… Child incident and homefront incident included.

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