Going S.W.A.T over student loans

I realize E3 happened this week and normally while I’d post on it to be honest I found nothing that interests me. All a bunch of the same old shit if you ask me. The only game I’m pumped about coming out is Dead Island and that wont even get here till September. Oh well, I guess I gotta talk about other things in the mean time.

So now for a segment I’d like to call, “Fucking Ridiculous News around the World.” world…world…world… echo…echo.

For the first installment of …FRNAW (pronounced how it sounds) , let’s discuss a story of the S.W.A.T team breaking down the door of a single father with three kids.  Okay, maybe I made it sounds better than it really is, you might think. Surely they had a good reason. Was he a wanted man, who faked his name and life to get away from a past of drugs and murder? Perhaps he was holding his children hostage for a few days now. Any of these things?

Nope. The S.W.A.T team burst into this guys house at 6 am in the morning looking for a woman who is no longer there all over unpaid student loans.

Yes you heard me.

Even after the man clearly stated he was there and willing to open the door, the S.W.A.T team broke the door down and drug him outside in his boxers, held him for six hours all over unpaid student loans.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that anyone who refuses to pay the government should know there will be consequences. Bad credit, garnered wages, difficulty finding a home..yeah sure…but the S.W.A.T team at your door an hour before you gotta wake your kids up to take them to school?


Especially considering the economic situation we are in where a lot of people might have difficulties paying, let alone finding a job to pay. *points to self*

They say they didn’t break the door of handcuff him etc etc…but look at that door. Why is there a huge fucking hole in it?

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