APB Reloaded Review

I’ve done a APB reloaded review over at the awesome site IRBGamer.com, here’s an excerpt:

A little over a year ago, All Points Bulletin (APB) made its debut in the gaming world amidst both  criticism and praise ranging from jabs at its not-so-creative plot to fanaticism on its unique take on the genre.

A FPS meets sandbox style game, APB fell in line with what we expect with other games in its genre but also offers some interesting takes on what it’s like to play them.

Just as it seemed to be getting the right kind of feedback, however, APB parent company, Realtime Worlds, suddenly found itself closing its doors, leaving players who had recently purchased the game, with little but a file on their computer.

Since then the game has changed developers and has been re-released as a free to play game titled, APB  Reloaded. APB Reloaded’s open beta release just two months ago has caused an influx of gamers, like myself, who missed out on the first round of playing APB to finally get a chance to experience its unique, yet familiar, gameplay. So has APB Reloaded lived up to not only its original title, but its new form?

Wanna read what I had to say? Check out the full review here.

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